Meet Berrak (the little Turk) and Paul (Berrak’s partner in food and in life, otherwise known as ‘& Co’).

The Little Turk & Co food van is Berrak’s take on the delicious Turkish street food she grew up eating. Simple, nourishing, handmade food that delights the senses and fills the belly. Food that leaves you feeling satisfied and cared for. Food that nourishes body and soul.

Berrak’s dream of building community through her food began 30 years ago, on the southern shores of Sydney, where she watched the surfers from her flat and wished she had a van to drive along the coast, feeding them a hot breakfast after their morning surf.

It was an idea she could never quite let go of, throughout a career in hospitality that took her to many places around the world.

“I’ve always been a big believer in supporting the community you live in – whether seeking out farmers markets or local makers – but it wasn’t until I followed my partner Paul to the Fleurieu that I found a home.”

Now based in Carrickalinga, the pair love the simple things in life – fresh, wholesome food, great wine and coffee, time with family and friends.

Visit the van and have a chat. We hope you’ll be part of the Little Turk & Co family.

“Food is where people come together. I grew up with this as an essential part of my Turkish culture. This is the South Australian way, too, so what better place to realise my dream of sharing my food?”

Berrak Demiroz

Local, sustainable, wholesome

Wherever possible, we use local produce and partner with Fleurieu-based suppliers for our ingredients. Whether that be lemons grown on a neighbouring property, cheese from local dairies, greens and herbs from the Willunga Farmers Market, flour from Laucke flour mills, or meat sourced locally through Fleurieu butchers…

If we are unable to source an ingredient from the Fleurieu, we aim for South Australian, then Australian, and only then would look further afield, if we could not find a suitable substitute.


We use sustainable packaging and accessories that can be composted or recycled and are always examining all aspects of our business to be more sustainable.

If you are a local supplier, please get in touch.